5 Tips For Men To Dress Up Your Hoodies This Winter

Winter is here. And that means it is time to give your wardrobe a good ol’ revamp. If you aren’t already living in your hoodies and sweatshirts, maybe you need to bring them out for the colder days ahead.

Hoodies are a great option for winter. They are comfortable, practical, and perfect for achieving that laidback look. Also, their versatility makes them an easy piece to style. They are a modern wardrobe staple that every man should own.


But hoodies can be more than just your everyday casual go-to.

From wearing them on their own with jeans to layering them under thicker coats and jackets, there are plenty of ways in which you can dress up your favorite hoodies in winter.

Read on for a few ways in which you can wear your hoodies beyond the regular sweatpants’ outfits.

  1. Layer a leather jacket on top
  2. If you want to achieve a stylish and edgy look, there is nothing like a leather jacket layered over your hoodie. The leather elevates the relaxed look of the hoodie while the latter tones down the ruggedness of your jacket.

    Wear your hoodie with a black leather jacket and a pair of black pants, allowing the color of the hoodie to shine through. Finish off the look with complementing black shoes.

  3. Pair with a bomber jacket
  4. A celebrity favorite, the bomber jacket paired with a hoodie makes for a great contemporary urban look. While this outfit might not seem as dressy as other combinations, it sure does the trick if you want to flaunt a casual yet put-together look. Black or dark blue jeans and sneakers will go with it perfectly.

  5. A jeans and hoodie combo can never go wrong
  6. For all those days when it isn’t too cold outside or you plan on staying in most of the time, wear your hoodie with a pair of simple blue jeans. This classic outfit screams effortless, yet, depending on the style of your hoodie or your jeans, can easily pass off as smart casual.

  7. Pack on the warmth with a coat
  8. There is nothing quite like a long coat to dress up any outfit, including your hoodie. An overcoat is a winter essential, especially if you like to dress smart during the colder months. They are elegant, sophisticated, and not to mention, a timeless piece of clothing.

  9. Throw on a parka
  10. Keep yourself warm and protected against the wind and snow in style. Wear your hoodie under a parka jacket. This combination is not only incredibly practical, but it can also appear quite stylish with minimal effort. Just make sure to not overdo it with too many details.

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