In 2013 Darin Wyly and Adrian Winston sought out to create a brand that would change their outlook on life forever. Here they detail what Live Above Clothing represents and why it is necessary: 

Live Above, 2 Words that we Live by. At one point we thought that giving up was the only option and that was when we both lost a parent to Cancer. Driven into depression, we needed something that would help relieve some of the pain that we felt. Through this, Live Above Clothing was conceived. 

For us, Live Above was a creative outlet to overcome the traumas we’ve faced throughout life. It was through sharing our story that we noticed, that everyone is experiencing  some type of trauma in life. Everyone goes through something, its not easy. We just wanted to push the necessary message, that, no matter what your going through, you can get through it, excel, and not be defined by those circumstances, as long as you have the heart and mindset to Live Above it.

Just know that when you put on one of our items, that it comes from years of dedication and manufactured from high quality fabrics. 

So when you look down at your chest, its not only a reminder to keep going, but a statement, that EVERYTHING YOU DO SHOULD BE LEGENDARY!  This is our story, share yours.